Case Studies

Client: Mars Bioimaging Ltd (MBI)

Challenge:  To manufacture a movable lead-lined cabinet for a full spectral x-ray CT imaging machine.

Outcome: Working closely with Mars Bioimaging and their other project partners, FabTek constructed an initial prototype and two production runs of 5 cabinets each, for the Christchurch research teams and for USA and European research partners. Design work is underway on a revised unit for full commercial release.

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Client:  SLS Retail Theft Control 

Challenge: To design and manufacture an adjustable laptop lockdown bracket to provide security against theft of display laptops in retail stores and working laptops in schools and commercial environments.

Outcome: FabTek designed an easily adjustable slimline bracket to secure varying sizes of laptops and notebooks. Without tools.

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Client: East Coast Engineering Ltd (Tow Right)

Challenge: To design and manufacture a detachable tow hitch that was unique and could be patented by the client.

Outcome: FabTek worked with East Coast Engineering to successfully develop, prototype and ultimately patent a successful detachable tow hitch. After the initial production run of 50 units, they regularly run small production runs of 100 – 200 units which the client sells through their towbar company, Tow Right.

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Client: Ezi-Vu Movies – a licensed business for the hiring of DVDs from service stations, supermarkets and shopping malls.

Challenge: To design and manufacture freestanding touch screen stations that would house the necessary components to enable video renters to preview movies before they make their rental selection. With Ezi-Vu being seen as “The Next Generation of Movie Hire”, it was imperative that the design was visually “next generation” and thus have no similarity to existing off the shelf models. 

Outcome: Ezi-Vu were able to specify the design, shape and colour of the units, have them made to specification and produce a small run of 12 customised units at a significantly reduced cost to that of an existing proprietary product on the market.

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