Case Study: ‘Ezi-Vu’ Movie Preview Kiosk

Ezi-Vu Movies – a licensed business for the hiring of DVDs from service stations, supermarkets and shopping malls. 

To design and manufacture freestanding touch screen stations that would house the necessary components to enable video renters to preview movies before they make their rental selection. With Ezi-Vu being seen as “The Next Generation of Movie Hire”, it was imperative that the design was visually “next generation” and thus have no similarity to existing off the shelf models. 

Ezi-Vu were able to specify the design, shape and colour of the units, have them made to specification and produce a small run of 12 customised units at a significantly reduced cost to that of an existing proprietary product on the market. 

The Story:
Unlike most movie rental operations, Ezi-Vu Movies place a strong emphasis on providing convenient in-store preview capabilities so renters can view movie trailers before choosing which DVD to hire. The viewing of movie trailers before hire ensures customer satisfaction. For each Ezi-Vu outlet, this requires a number of free standing stations, each electronically linked to the business’s point of sale facility and with a touch screen monitor on the outside. 

After researching the market, Ezi-Vu owners Warwick and Sam Banks found only one proprietary (off the shelf) model that was suitable for their requirements, however its shape, style and colour didn’t provide what was necessary for their company trademark and overall visual appearance. 

As a nationwide licensed operation, branding was of particular importance, so they developed their own design which tied in with their branding and visual needs. At that point, they approached FabTek to discuss manufacturing options and costs. Their design was well conceived, but FabTek added further value by suggesting changes to the height of the stand so that the base and stand could be mounted inside the kiosk body for compact transportation to nationwide locations. 

After discussing options for construction, including costs and other implications, FabTek was able to firm up the product specification and model the kiosk in 3D. Ezi-Vu made some small adjustments to the design and one unit was manufactured for evaluation and thermal testing (to ensure the heat rise inside the kiosk didn’t exceed the limits for the computer). 

Following those modifications, a run of 12 kiosks was produced. The cost of the design and the first unit was slightly less than the cost of the comparable proprietary kiosk, and the cost per unit of the full production run was less than half that of the off the shelf model, demonstrating that creating a customised product can be extremely cost effective. 

Following on from the touch screen station, Ezi-Vu have also commissioned FabTek to manufacture its Slim-Line Point of Sale kiosks for sites that are unable to accommodate the standard Point of Sale unit. The Slim-Line unit development also involved discussions with FabTek on manufacturing options and efficiencies.