Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Turning good ideas into reality is what product prototyping is all about. We recognise that much clever thinking and problem solving is required in the process of developing a prototype and we’re happy to add our experience and design skills to the mix.


Clients may come to us with a very detailed design concept they need turned into working drawings and a physical prototype, or they may come with a more loosely realised idea that needs to be worked through step by step to turn it into something truly functional.


We are happy to work at both ends of the spectrum, utilising whiteboard drawing skills for the initial brainstorming and idea development stages through to CAD and 3D modelling to create working drawings for the manufacture of your prototype and eventually your production run.

If you have a product in mind that you want to develop and manufacture – in runs of any size, manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, we can help.

Examples of our Custom Design capability

Filling a gap in the market

Our clients may simply want to build an item to meet a specific need that they can’t find an off the shelf product to fill, or want to create something uniquely tailored to their company requirements or budget.

Commercialising a good idea

Some clients go beyond the immediate need, and see the potential to protect and then commercialise their design idea through the patenting process, and we can assist with advice and support in that area also.

Your IP is your property

Frequently FabTek clients want to retain the rights to their design and their design drawings, should they wish to take their production elsewhere at some point in the future – for example to go into higher volume production runs in cheaper overseas locations.


If you have developed your design with us, prototyped it and we have developed CAD files and production drawings for short production runs, we believe you have the right to those drawings at all times – this was your great idea after all.

Fewer niggles and cheaper production costs

Redesigning an existing product from sratch, allows us to think afresh about the design and any issues that you have with the product. With the latest manufacturing processes in mind, we can refine the design to keep the manufacturing costs low. 


Oftentimes we can reproduce items cheaper than the original design – addressing niggley issues you may have with a product, and saving you money at the same time.

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