‘Laptop Lockdown Bracket’ for Theft Control

SLS Retail Theft Control

To design and manufacture an adjustable laptop lockdown bracket to provide security against theft of display laptops in retails stores, and working laptops in schools and commercial environments.

FabTek designed an easily adjustable slimline bracket to secure varying sizes of laptops and notebooks. Without tools.

The Story

Graham Zuill of SLS Retail Theft Control (SLSRTC) approached FabTek to manufacture a laptop lockdown bracket.

“We had been selling laptop lockdown brackets for quite some time when our existing Australian supplier went out of business. FabTek Industries had been working with out brother company and on their recommendation I called in when I was down in Christchurch to ask Bevan to provide a quote to take over the manufacture of this bracket. In our discussions I mentioned a couple of minor drawbacks in the existing bracket design.

When I got back to Auckland there was an email from Bevan with his quote and the comment that he felt it might be a fairly simple process to come up with a new design that would address these drawbacks and might even be cheaper to manufacture. A couple of weeks later Bevan sent me drawings of his proposed design, which offered us three benefits – unlike the other bracket, it could be quickly adjusted to suit different size laptops without using any tools, it had a more modern slimline appearance and yes, it did cost a little less to make.”

FabTek have now manufactured hundreds of the new laptop lockdown brackets without anay quality issues so they have proven to be a very successful addition to the SLSRTC range of theft control products.

FabTek have also gone on to design and manufacture several other products including cash protector units, camera mounts, equipment protection cages, DNA spray ceiling fixtures and more, for SLSRTC and their other three associated companies, Safe and Lock ServicesFocus Digital and SelectaDNA.

While these are nationwide New Zealand companies, they all have their head offices and warehouses in Auckland so it may seem unusual that they would use a Christchurch-based supplier for their custom made products.

Dee Webster of Safe and Lock Services comments: “I find it pleasing to deal with FabTek. Bevan quickly grasps the pertinent issues and then sends me back a drawing or brief for discussion so we can rapidly get to the heart of the issue, ensuring we are all on the same page and efficiently move onto the product manufacturing stage.”

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