Refine your design

A physical prototype will likely highlight issues that weren’t necessarily thought of during the initial design process; these might be adding features or getting rid of niggles, or questions over how the product could best be manufactured.


We work closely with you and our fabrication team to implement changes with each prototype iteration, to refine the physical product to include new features, remove less desirable aspects, and to optimise the design to allow for easy and economical manufacturing of the product.

Once we have custom-designed your idea, we can quickly fabricate a prototype of it out of steel and other materials, to give you a tangible product to look at and handle.

Examples of our Prototyping capability


Frequently FabTek clients want to retain the rights to their design and their design drawings, should they wish to take their production elsewhere at some point in the future – for example to go into higher volume production runs in cheaper overseas locations.


If you have developed your design with us, prototyped it and we have developed CAD files and production drawings for short production runs, we believe you have the right to those drawings at all times – this was your great idea after all.

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